In addition to having a variety of testing spaces (free field, hemi & full anechoic, and reverberent), we are fully equipped with the latest instrumentation and analysis software.

We provide regular educational seminars on Noise and Vibration for the past 20 years.

Basic Acoustics & Vibration and measurement practices

Sound Power, Sound Intensity, Source Identification and Localization, Beam-forming

Human Vibration

Data reduction

Design Concepts

Outdoor Noise Directive

ANV and our associates can provide engineering services for the following areas:

Noise & Vibration Reduction

Design of test procedures and programs

Design of test fixtures and facilities

Setting of test specifications

Setting production QA procedures and requirements

Design of Acoustics Test Facilities

We provide a variety of services in QA/QC from requirements and procedures to audits including expertise in ISO standards. If any problems arise, we can work together to address them to keep your QA and ISO current.

Setting of production QA procedures and requirements.

Design of test procedures and specifications for national and international standards.

Auditing for test requirements and of test results.

ISO certification is used to guarantee quality and performance of products.

ISO standards allow for all companies to test in the same way so that consumers can compare products on their noise or vibration levels.

For certain products, ISO certification testing is a requirement to meet the European directive on noise emissions.

Our experienced staff can perform test and measurement services most sound and vibration needs.

Noise, Sound, and Vibration tests.


Compliance Testing




CAE Smart System – 56 microphone system

CAE Smart System – 112 microphone system

CAE Noise Inspector – 112 microphone system

4 channel Apollo Light

4 Channel Apollo

8 Channel Apollo

16 -32 Channel Hurricane

32 – 192 Channel Typhoon

SINUS – Tango – Type 1 Integrating meter

SINUS – Tango Plus – Type 1 Integrating meter with 1/1 and 1/3 octaves

Amplified speakers for Architectural Acoustics

Signal Source – Pink & White

Tapping Machine



Pressure Sensors

Larson Davis Cal200

B&K Pistonphone

PCB Accelerometer Calibrators